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all about waughsWaughs is a women's boutique fashion store who for the last 23 years has been an important and trusted part of the Dunedin fashion community. Opened in 1990 by Diann and Alistair Waugh, the store has an iron clad reputation for providing high-end fashion for women of all ages with a focus on quality and originality. Waughs has a huge and vast customer base of lovely loyal woman from all over New Zealand.

Waughs is not just a store but also a fashion label. Waughs clothing is for the fashion forward woman to whom style is important but who has a fun approach to her clothes. At Waughs we like to support talented New Zealand designers and exclusively stock labels such as; Caroline Sills, Obi, Trelise Cooper, Cooper, Vaughn Geeson and Calliope.
Waughs pride themselves in getting amongst the Dunedin fashion community by being part of fashion events such as the iD Fashion Week, Otago Polytechnics Collections, Zonta Fashion Parade and various other community based events.

Located opposite Knox Church on Dunedin’s central George St there are plenty of parks around and charismatic cafes to treat yourself in after a hard day's shopping. 

                        “A Waughs woman has definite style, is fashion forward and is always up for some fun with trying new looks to suit her style each season.”
                                                                                                                                             - Diann Waugh

Diann Waugh

Diann Waugh Diann, being a global fashionista, has worked in fashion retail in London, Sydney and Auckland. Diann always dreamed of opening her own store so in 1990 when she returned to hometown Dunedin with husband Alistair and daughter Amanda they fulfilled that dream and opened Waughs a Fashion Boutique for Women. In the last 20 years the store has doubled in size with a sunny upstairs workroom and large sales basement.
The Dunedin fashion community have benefitted from Diann’s passion for fashion with her involvement in helping establish and promote Dunedin’s now globally acclaimed iD Fashion Week. Diann served 7 years on the iD committee and is a judge in the Otago Polytechnic Fashion School’s Collections parade every year. Diann also lends her expertise to community and commercial fashion shows throughout New Zealand.
Diann is all about family and spends her down time hanging out with husband Alistair, daughter Amanda, son-in-law Rob and grandchildren Charlotte and Harper.

Diann’s Style Philosophy:
“Life is too short to be boring”

Alistair Waugh

Alistair Waugh Diann may be the creative side of Waughs but Alistair was definitely the brains and mainstay of the store.
Alistair worked in I.T. in London, Sydney and Auckland before being thrown into the world of fashion with the opening of Waughs. As well as looking after the business side of the store Alistair also implemented all the whims and ideas that Diann and Amanda come up with.
We all miss Alistair very much.

Alistairs' Style Philosophy:
“Casual, stylish and comfortable.”

Amanda Milne

Amanda Milne The well oiled machine that is Waughs is all thanks to our fantastic Amanda. Having spent most of her childhood in the shop and starting work here at 15 Amanda is our 'in house', 'go to' gal. With a degree in Marketing from University of Otago and a mid-degree OE that saw Amanda living in Florence (Italy) for six months Waughs was ready and waiting for Amanda to take us into the 21st century. Amanda is responsible for our long awaited move in to cyber space and keeping up to date with the wonders of technology. Amanda lives in Dunedin with her wonderful husband Rob and two gorgeous children Charlotte and Harper.

Amanda’s Style Philosophy:
“Black is always in Fashion.”

Jill Davie

Jill Davie Our lovely Jill has a vast background in floristry, cosmetics and pharmaceutical retail but is most experienced in the wonderful world of fashion. Jill most enjoys the comradeship she maintains with both customers and workmates. She relishes the excitement of keeping both herself and clients up with each season’s new trends. As well as being a manager of various stores in Melbourne and Dunedin Jill also has two wonderful children Lachie and Tina. In her third year at Waughs Jill is an expert stylist and helps woman on a daily basis find the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Jill’s Style Philosophy:
“Less is more, keep it simple.”

Trudy Maxwell

Trudy Maxwell A young Trudy started out as an apprentice machinist at just 15 years old in a large Dunedin company. Now Trudy is an industry veteran with 39 years experience behind her and has spent the last 20 of those years in the sunny workroom at Waughs. It is in this workroon, that the Waughs magic really happens as Trudy makes the designs a reality. A speed demon on the machine Trudy lovingly constructs all our Waughs pieces on site. In Trudy’s down time she likes to experiment with home crafts and spend time with her grandson and family.

Trudy’s Design Philosophy:
“If you can dream it, I can make it.”

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